A Professional Guide To Blocked Drains

In any household or property a drainage and sewer system is essential. It is used to get water and also get rid of the wastewater we use. Without it, we would probably all be swimming in our own waste. Not having a proper drain pipe and sewer system will result in unhygienic living situations and chaos. We would also be wasting drinking and bathing water, which is another issue we don’t need to fuel.

In short, a good drain system will be essential in running an efficient house or commercial property and will make the building a whole lot easier to live in or use. However, there are times when drain systems become a problem. Most of the time, a drain just needs to be checked and cleaned in order to fix the problem because the material that drain pipes are made of means that it can withstand weather damage, wear and high pressures of water for years without breaking.

Sometimes there are some minor problems that can be solved fairly simply, and can also end up being the most inconvenient issue to experience at the same time. No one expects their water system to have a blocked pipe or drain. It is a major inconvenience but it can be fixed quite easily with a professional drain unblocking service.

What Is A Blocked Drain?

A blocked drain is a common plumbing and drainage issue which can be solved by Essex drain experts, that most homeowners or landlords will experience at least once in their lives. A blocked sewer or drain that is nearby your property could also result in your sinks and toilets being blocked too. Clogged toilets and sinks are especially unpleasant because they can cause bad smells to circulate your home, overflowing toilets and slow draining sinks. Blocked drains are obviously nasty and can result in the waste being stopped from leaving your home. Here are a few signs that can let you know if your drain is probably blocked and you will need to notify a professional drain expert.

The signs of a blocked drain may include:

·         A bad rotting smell coming from your drain or sink – usually because of dirty sewer water
·         Slow draining toilets, sinks, baths and showers
·         Finding it difficult to flush the toilet
·         An overflowing toilet when you do successfully flush it

What Causes A Drain To Be Blocked?

A blocked drain or pipe can be caused by a number of different factors. Each case is different and not all drain unblocking repairs are the same service. Sometimes it can be a problem with your private sewer, which can be repaired with a regular local plumbing service. For public sewers which are suppliers to commercial properties can also be found on highways and gulleys. Below are some causes associated with a blocked brain.

Blockages are usually caused by the following:
·        Fat, oil and food leftover from cooking that congeals in pipes setting hard
·        Wipes – even ones that say ‘flushable’ don’t break down and block pipes.
·        Sanitary items (e.g. towels and tampons)
·        Top tips to keep your drains flowing
·        Bin it – don’t block it: Wrap up sanitary items, nappies, wipes and condoms and put them in the bin
·        Leave leftover cooking oil, fat and food to cool and put it in the bin
·        Chemicals, solvents, engine oil and paint should be taken to your local refuse or recycling site
·        Medicines, tablets, syringes and needles should be taken to your pharmacist, hospital or health authority for safe disposal.

Drain Unblocking Methods

If you do experience a blockage and don’t know where the blocked area is, then it is a really good idea to call a plumber.

You'll have at one time or another seasoned blocked drains in home or in your workplace or company. Blocked drains may be a nuisance because they interfere with the smooth functioning of activities in a construction. The drains bring forth a bad odor when they're blocked and should be attended to instantly in order to maintain a healthful environment. Plumbers are now nicely equipped with new technologies which makes it easier to identify the main cause of the blockage. Technology also helps in preventing the drain with methods that cause minimal damage to the pipes. There are various ways wherein your drains may get partially or completely blocked.

Grease and fatty substances which are washed down the kitchen sink may easily cause the drain to block. Grease does not flow down the drain, but gets stuck on the insides of the pipes. The dirt then accumulates with time and causes the drain to block. Kids can flush large objects such as toys down the bathroom during play inducing the drains to block. Flushing down baby wipes along with sanitary items down the bathroom will also cause a congestion. During fall, leaves may collect on a house and if they are not trapped and disposed of correctly, they'll end up in the sewers and make it block.

Hair also causes clogged drains when it flows down the tub room sink and collects from the sewers. Possibly the most typical tools that's used to purge a blocked drains is your plumber's auger or plumber snake. The plumber's auger is lowered to the drain until the congestion is reached. The plumber may then turn and twist to break the blockage in small pieces until he feels there's no more resistance. A hydrojetter may also be utilized to remove a clog in your drains. The deflector is a tool that uses water that's under high pressure to clean your drain.

The nozzle of the hydrojetter is reduced to your drain and your water is turned on. The water is able to reduce your plunger in small particles that then flow down the drain. Advancements in technologies have made it easier for plumbing to provide a more accurate diagnosis of plumbing problems so the solutions chosen are effective. Drain cameras are an effective way by that your plumber is able to identify your main cause of the blockage. The camera is reduced down your drain and your plumber is Capable of displaying from a monitor your insides of your pipes.

Benefits Of Professional Drain Unblocking Services

A professional service is important to use because a drainage and plumbing expert will have the knowledge, experience and training to complete the drain unblocking service properly.

Cost effective – Hiring a drainage professional will get the service done in a cost effective way because they have competitive prices that are affordable for anyone. A professional can also get the job done at one time without making more damage, which could possibly cost you much more if not repaired properly.

Training – A drainage expert or plumber will know what to do and how to do it. They will also be able to use their knowledge and expertise to investigate the situation to find a solution.


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